Tips for San Francisco visit

Hello Friends,  Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. This weekend we visited San Francisco. It was amazing. Clear view of world famous Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most twisty Crooked Street, my favorite ice cream and chocolate place Ghirardelli Square,  and the most evergreen in night and day Union square. I loved them all, but I learnt few tips from my dad that may help you if you are visiting these places.

  1. Golden Gate Bridge : Parking near the bridge(Golden gate visitor’s center side) is always a boring wait for me.  Dad-Tip  :  Instead of turning left for parking turn right. Go for 300 feet, take left from stop. Immediately on left you would find a large parking lot and I guarantee you, you are most likely to find a parking right away. Bingo!! Now enjoy golden gate bridge.  :).See google maps.Goldengate
  2. Crooked Street : It is twisty and great, but it took us an hour to reach to the top of it from Van Ness/Lombard intersection. Around 0.3 miles and 1 hour? Crazy…  Crooked_normal_crowdedDad-Tip : Try this alternate route, this would be 5 minutes anytime (specially on holidays)Crooked_fast
  3. Ghirardelli Square – Ice Cream and chocolate is yummy, but I learnt that you could get free parking. Dad-Tip :  Free parking when you continue on Van Ness , see map here. Drive all the way and stop right where people are returning from the beach side. Do a friendly talk with them and follow to there parking spot… 🙂 Then walk to get your ice cream, green or yellow path..Ghirardelli_free
  4. Union square – Amazing and lively place always. Dad Picture Tip : Go to macy’s , take elevator on left to 7th floor. Go to right off the elevator and get an amazing view and picture. See the Ice Rink and Christmas tree in the back.UnionHope you use some of these tips on your next trip to the city.  Thanks to my dad for all the amazing maps and tips!! Share and write your comments if you have some more tips you know. and this is my favorite pic of the day…. 🙂


Happy Holidays from Coder Bunnyz !! 

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