My trip to East Coast (comes with tips)

This fall (and thats why you see fall colors in this blog:-) we went to the East Coast. It was super fun!!!! We went to so many places in so little time. If you ever want to do a trip to east coast and cover all the major places here is my tip : 

  1. First decide how many days you could take off from school. Generally combine with weekend or staff development day. That’s what I did and so only one day off from school for our 5 day trip.
  2. Best time to go is in Fall, the month of October. You get to see fall colors and believe me it is amazing. (Dad Tip) You get good deal.
  3. Make sure you take a city tours. The tour guides know much more than you would. Send me a message if you want to find which one.
  4. Make sure you cover New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Niagara Falls.

Now enjoy the slideshow that I made.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you watched the slides carefully here’s a pop up quiz :

Q.Where is the Empire state building located?

Q.What was Wall Street originally called

Make sure you leave your answers below. 

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