So how CoderBunnyz teaches coding?

As I get ready for my Palo Alto workshop this Saturday (Mark Zuckerberg I am coming to your town 🙂 ), let me blog a bit about my board game CoderBunnyz A few of you must be still thinking how does CoderBunnyz board game help teach coding?

  1. CoderBunnyz teaches you coding concepts like sequencing, conditional, loops, functions, debugging branches and many more (some advanced concepts)
  2. Turns out that the same concepts are used in almost any programming language.
  3. So as you play different levels of CoderBunnyz (I have 10 levels of game and many variations) you will be able to learn other programming languages more easily. 

Languages like Scratch Python Java and others, that uses the exact same concepts!!

Convinced? then like my page 🙂

For remaining few who are still not Convinced ? Thats okay, visit one of my workshops or comment below.. 


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