Happy New Year from CoderBunnyz !!

Wow , the year went by so quickly. It was filled with fun, action, CoderBunnyz workshops, play and school.   Our school starts on Tuesday, Jan 5 which is cool because everybody else’s start on Monday Jan 4. One extra day of holidays!!

Here’s some snippets from my winter break.  First the action – we have a skating rink in Levi stadium city of Santa Clara and its nice and clean, if you are in area make sure you visit it. See me here  

Now the outing – This holidays we went to Oxnard, at a beach resort and it was so much fun. Here’s my blog about that, this one was one pencil and paper and has some tips for you if you are around in California and visiting this place.


and finally the hike. We went to Stanford Dish Trail. Here’s me with Stanford Hoover tower and Bay in the back, at the top of am amazing hike.


Now on CoderBunnyz, Lot of new workshops coming up in 2016. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE on my website if you would like to attend one.

Wish you all an amazing 2016!!

CoderBunnyz Girl 🙂


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