Happy Easter and a Poem

Hi Everyone! Today is a very special day for me. Its the bunny day!  Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a nice Easter! I wrote a little poem for the day , Enjoy!

CoderBunnyz Girl 

                                                                Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody

Including CoderBunnyz

I hope you had a nice Easter

and also have a good one in the future

Today I had a Easter egg hunt

I found a egg hid up front

I got to eat a jelly bean from the egg

before I did that I did a trick with the egg and my leg

It was a fun day

that i celebrated in the bay ! 



Welcome Spring!!

Hi Everyone, 

Happy Spring! I’ve written this poem for all my readers. Some relevance to the weather here today in the Silicon Valley….  Enjoy


Happy St Patrick’s Day from CoderBunnyz

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone.  Here is a small poem I wrote (invented :)) and sung it too… Audio is here ->



If you like to read it yourself here’s the script!

 – CoderBunnyz Girl!!