A tribute to MLK with my poem.

“A Dream that lives on!”

Today we all sing
In honor of Dr. King
Wherever people fight to be free
We remember him with dignity

When black people weren’t treated right

He took the strong lead to fight

He fought with love, not guns or darts

He changed people’s minds and hearts
But some people didn’t like his words
He was taken away to a better world
His dream live on that all can be free
When we knock the walls between you and me
Martin Luther Kings’ life didn’t last
His dreams and hopes are free at last
Happy MLK day !!
    – from CoderBunnyz and Samaira
 CoderBunnyz empowers boys and girls by helping them started on coding and become leaders in tech. To learn more about the tool, workshop and all elements go to

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Speaking at Saratoga’s 2nd annual Unity in Community Day, organized by Hon’ble. City Council member Rishi Kumar. Many elected leaders shared their insights – Senator Jim Beall, Assemblymember Ash Kalra, Assemblymember Kansen Chu, Councilmember Howard Miller, Councilmember Chappie Jones, Vice Mayor Mani Grewal. It was my honor to be awarded 2nd place at the speaker event.


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